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Fintech, what is financial technology and how does it work?

 Fintech (Financial Technology) is a new financial industry that arises, as has already happened in other economic areas, from applying technology to the financial sector. The digital transformation that has been applied in other sectors for years, breaks into the financial market in order to create new applications, products and services that customers can access through the internet. Those known as Fintech companies are, for the most part, startups that develop technological innovations adapted to the needs of a consumer who uses technology as a fundamental part of their day-to-day life. Let us know more details about this type of company: Fintech companies Although it is true that traditional banks have implemented technological tools that allow their clients to operate more autonomously and remotely (through the Internet), they are still, in most cases, large companies whose internal structure does not allow them respond to the new needs of consumers in an agile way. This rea

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